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If the row had been modified, it called the appropriate , depending on the value of the Row State property for that row. Delete Command = New Sql Command( _ "DELETE FROM Production. The Copy To Rows method of the Row Updated Event Args class allows you to access the processed rows by copying references to the rows into an array. As it iterated through the rows in the specified Data Table, it examined each Data Row to see if it had been modified. When batch processing is enabled, a single events are still generated for each row.

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Executing an extremely large batch could decrease performance. Statements are executed in the order that the statements were added to the batch.

Using connection As New Sql Connection(connection String) ' Create a Sql Data Adapter.

Dim adapter As New Sql Data Adapter() ' Set the UPDATE command and parameters. Update Command = New Sql Command( _ "UPDATE Production.

NET, the performed updates to the database one row at a time. When batch processing is disabled, the row being updated can be accessed using the Row property of the Row Updated Event Args class.

When updating a database with changes from a Data Set in previous versions of ADO. Therefore, only one event fire for the next row, until all of the rows are processed.

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